Spain is a natural choice

Your choice fell on Spanish real estate and you decided to buy real estate in Spain. And perfect. I have been repeating this to myself and our clients for years – Spain is a natural choice for investment and purchase of real estate abroad and real estate in warm countries. Think about it – what factors decide about it: first of all, it’s the same continent, the same … I call it “cultural layer” there is nothing to mix religion into, but it also matters. Excellent mild climate, warm winters, great Mediterranean cuisine, excellent road and communication infrastructure, and friendly culture.

Spaniards are very similar to Poles (of course not physically, because this is a different story). We are similar in many respects, and we naturally get along with the Spaniards, even if the language barrier and ignorance of Spanish bother. But this can also be made up by enrolling in a free Spanish course somewhere near our offices where we sell real estate in Spain or in the region of Spain where you will buy your property. Hispanics are extremely friendly and open to other cultures. Here, the fastest friend you can find from the heart, and most passers-by in any Spanish city or small town will show you the way by walking you a few blocks away.

But let’s get to the point and heart of this article and specific information on where to buy property in Spain, and in what region is best to invest in Spain. In a house or apartment, where is the best return on investment, where it is cheaper and where it is more expensive in Spain. Where are the best property prices in Spain? Which region and what part of Spain is the most popular for investment in foreign real estate, where foreigners buy the most real estate in Spain. As part of this country is the most beneficial and best for investment for me as a foreigner who intends to buy a house in Spain – properties for sale in Costa Blanca

Where more expensive and where cheaper in Spain

First of all, I will clarify to you where it is more expensive and where it is cheaper in Spain. Even if you visited Spain on vacation or holiday from a travel agency, it may not be so clear to you. You are confused by the various “Costs” in Spain and you do not really notice the difference between the various coasts of Spain in terms of buying real estate.

First of all, the price of real estate is a decisive factor that will decide where you invest in Spain. And how do you plan your budget for this type of investment.
First, we will “split” Spain. So at the beginning “in terms of investment” we have to eliminate some regions of Spain – especially the northern coasts of Spain and north-western Spain. We eliminate this part of Spain from our search, mainly due to the cold climate. That is, regions from Galicia in the north-west of Spain with La Coruna, Santiago de Compostela, and Cantabria, the region of Asturias and the Basque Country.

You just don’t buy real estate in Spain there – at least foreigners don’t invest there, only local residents. Of course, this is an extremely beautiful part of Spain, but winters are cool there, and snowfall in winter is not uncommon. So this is not the place for you – a real estate seeker in warm countries.

Another region we eliminate is Madrid and the surrounding area – central Spain. Of course, if you want to buy an apartment for rent in Madrid, or buy a hotel or a working business in the Spanish capital, we can also introduce you to this type of investment, but if you are looking for real estate in warm countries, we eliminate Madrid and focus only on the southern coasts of Spain. Also central Spain, western Spain like Extremadura or north-eastern Spain are not places where real estate is invested and where foreigners buy holiday homes and apartments in Spain.

Which “Costa” will be the best for me?

But here too for a layman who is looking for property in Spain, the matter is not so simple – Spain is a dozen or so coasts divided into ‘Costas’ – i.e. coasts: Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and many other smaller ‘Costas’ like Costa de Maresme, Costa Azahar, Costa Calida, Costa de la Luz and a few others.
It can be a little complicated at first and you can finally get lost where to look for your dream property in warm countries and in Spain.

In addition to the southern coast of Spain, another region that should be considered when looking for real estate in Spain are the Balearic Islands by Majorca, Minorca, Formentera and the famous Ibiza, as well as real estate in the Canary Islands by Tenerife, where he invests and buys properties in Spain a lot of Poles, and real estate in Gran Canaria, real estate in Fuerteventura and real estate in Lanzarote. So we divided Spain into the continental part with the division into Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Costa Brava and properties in the Balearic Islands, and properties in the Canary Islands.

Why is it worth buying property in the mainland of Spain?

Here, the most important factor will be a warm climate and a relatively close distance from the country. An important factor is the short arrival of low cost airlines from Poland or other European countries. From Great Britain or Germany or Sweden you will arrive here in 2.5h to 3h. Alternatively, you can take your own car to Spain. It is a journey of up to 3,000 kilometers from any part of Poland.
Cheap … expensive … most expensive …

I will use a simple thought pattern to illustrate as easily as possible where it is more expensive and where it is cheaper in Spain when it comes to buying real estate. To find individual Costas on the map, it is also worth visiting our guide IBERMAXX Spain, where we have comprehensively described each of the coasts in Spain. Or check in which regions of Spain we sell real estate.

Costa Brava – expensive

Due to the close location of Barcelona and probably the largest tourist “hot spot” in the form of the capital of Catalonia and popular among holiday makers on the Costa Brava – real estate here is expensive. Their maintenance is also expensive. Even if you have a budget to buy a house on the Costa Brava – remember one very important thing – the climate! It is cold on the Costa Brava in winter!

And some resorts and towns on the Costa Brava are empty and only the wind is blowing in the streets. In recent years, several clients of other real estate offices operating on the Costa Brava have called us, with this type of information that they have bought a villa on the Costa Brava and are completely disappointed with the low temperatures from November to April. Here is a quote: “Lord – we are freezing here and looking for something further south where it is warmer.”
Costa del Sol – the most expensive

It’s part of the Spanish coast where the most expensive properties are. Real estate on the Costa del Sol will be the most expensive investment in Spain. These include the surroundings of Marbella, Estepona, Puerto Banus, Golden Mile, Nueva Andalucia, San Pedro del Alcantara and several other holiday resorts on the Costa del Sol. Here are the most expensive real estate in all continental Spain, and probably all over Spain.

Marbella’s fame extends all over the world, and here the wealthiest Europeans buy and invest, and more. Here, too, are the most expensive property maintenance, i.e. rents and property taxes in Spain. Depending on your budget here – colloquially writing – you’ll get less meters for more money.

Of course, the real estate market in Malaga looks different, which is the “world” in itself and relatively rarely foreigners decide to buy property in Malaga itself. Good and practical advice for you. Are you looking for an apartment or villa on the Costa del Sol – exclude Malaga from your search for properties in Andalusia.

Also other parts of the Costa del Sol are cheaper, such as the eastern Costa del Sol and the town of Nerja, Torrox or more westerly Manilva, Casares – properties are cheaper there than around Marbella or Estepona.

It is also cheaper in Fuengirola or Torremolinos – “bombed” for years by “low cost” tourists from Great Britain. But this is my private opinion … Costa del Sol is also a specific climate that may not suit everyone. The summers are dry here, and the winters quite humid with rainfall. It is cooler than e.g. on the Costa Blanca near Alicante, due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean.

The average annual temperatures on the Costa del Sol are slightly lower than on the more northerly Costa Blanca. Beaches on the Costa del Sol – some people looking for property in Spain are also a bit disappointed. But the decision as to where to invest in Spain is always up to you. If you have a budget and are looking for prestige, buying a property on the Costa del Sol will be the best solution for buying property in Spain.