Help, help, slammed keys.

Locked keys in your car? Does it sound like a grim joke? Especially when you are standing outside, unable to get inside. Not a very comfortable situation. How did it happen and, above all, how to get out of it? Read everything you need to know just in case.

Sesame, open up…

Even the most attentive drivers can have minor mishaps—the result of oversight or haste. You get out of the car; you leave the keys inside, you slam the door, the safety catch surprises you. The end. You don’t get back in. If the windows aren’t ajar, you’re practically shut out of any harmless entry.

Apart from calling a locksmith, of course.

But let’s go back to the average, standard situation. The door is slammed; there is no access to the inside. The first thought that is suggested by emotions (rather than common sense) is more or less the following: “it’s a waste of time, break the glass, at the most, a new one will be put in? A mistake? Hardly. This is a drastic solution only for extreme situations. But unless life or health is at stake, don’t take unnecessary risks. You could:

  • seriously injure yourself;
  • scratch the paintwork;
  • damage the upholstery;
  • damage other parts of your vehicle.

What is more? Even with a used or non-original one, the cost of replacing the glass costs more than a call for help to the Emergency Locksmith Service. So don’t break a window, call a 24-hour locksmith!
Emergency Locksmith Service

Locksmith emergency service specializes in the emergency opening of damaged or jammed locks. Do you live in London or Chelsea or Kensington? Then you have qualified professionals who can turn up on-site with professional lock-picking equipment after just one phone call. This technology allows you, for example, to open the door to your house, safe or car? Without using a key. The technicians have a police licence, and the operations are entirely legal.

The lock does not have to be destroyed, and the glass is broken. All you need is a little patience while waiting for the locksmith to arrive. At any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, professionals are on call and can arrive at your address in or around London.

The keys may be in the ignition, maybe in the boot or under the seat. It does not matter much. Just as it doesn’t matter whether the car is a 2-year-old Porsche or a 15-year-old Opel. Lock-picking specialists learn to crack the security of even the most modern and expensive vehicles regularly. Any of them can be opened without destroying other mechanisms and without generating additional costs. Sounds good? Well, it is! is also an invaluable partner in solving any locksmith problems. From servicing and maintaining broken, damaged locks, replacing cylinders and providing anti-burglary solutions, to implementing master key systems or substantive support in building security. It merely is worth having a trusted, recommended company that knows its locks on standby. And sometimes it is? nomen omen ? a key service in your life.