D + H, a sip of fresh air … automatically

A window is a building element for closing an opening in a wall or a sloping roof that allows light to enter and can provide ventilation. The simplest form of natural ventilation is … ventilation. No one will deny that ventilation of the rooms in which we live and work is necessary, but this does not mean that doing this is equally easy for everyone and available at all times.

Open the window! Ventilate the apartment! We turn the handle on the window and it’s done. It would seem that there is no easier task. This is true, provided, however, that we are properly young and fit. If we are lucky that we are in a group of young and fit people, we rarely worry about the problems of those who are not in this group, which is a pity, because it is probably a sign of a lack or lack of empathy.

It is sometimes worth thinking for a moment whether the usual but necessary act of opening a window is just as easy and accessible to the sick, disabled or elderly, our great grandparents or grandparents? And children? What about children for whom opening the window should be as easy as it is safe?

Due to our profession, we go to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, kindergartens and dozens of residential buildings. Each of them has some windows, but most are designed and constructed in such a way that the possibility of opening them is not available to quite a large number of people. Yes, it happens that here and there some simplifications are provided, but the archaism of solutions and their technical condition often calls for vengeance to heaven. All in all, a bit of a shame, but unfortunately it is still the case that when using natural ventilation, the hungry is not understood, and what is even worse, he does not seem to want to understand, although the right solutions are at your fingertips.

D + H air on the chain

In light of the requirements of Polish technical and construction regulations, window sashes, skylights and window ventilators, used to ventilate rooms intended for people to stay, should be equipped with devices enabling easy opening and adjusting the opening size from the floor or platform level, also by disabled people, if the use of the assistance of other co-users is not envisaged, and the windows in rooms intended for use by disabled persons should have devices intended for their opening, located not higher than 1.2 m above floor level.

We do not wish anyone to fall into life and health troubles enough to suddenly feel how dead these requirements are, despite the fact that there are more or less convenient technical solutions whose practical application does not require above average financial outlays. One such solution is D + H surface chain drives, which enable automatic tilting, opening or lifting of window sashes.

D + H VCD 203 surface chain drives are characterized by a relatively small size, are available in a wide range of RAL colors, and not least they do not ruin the buyer’s pocket, ensuring a significant increase in the usability of facade windows and balcony doors that will be handled by the elderly or disabled people as well as children.

The drive can be started using a button or remote control, and the low chain feed speed, 6 mm / s and obstacle detection sensors guarantee safe use. According to the manufacturer’s declaration, chain drives provide up to 20,000 cycles of trouble-free opening and closing, which means in practice uninterrupted use for many years. An additional advantage of the drives is their functionality, thanks to which we obtain the possibility of opening the wings to the interior of the room or outside, depending on individual needs – UPVC Windows

It is not unnecessary to mention at this point that D + H surface chain drives can be replaced by versions that are mounted inside the wings, and thus in a way invisible to the user, which may be important for aesthetic reasons. In this case, chain drive windows will resemble window constructions equipped with “hidden” envelope fittings.
A smart or useful house?

‘Smart homes’ are being talked and written more and more often, in which many different elements, including windows and doors, as well as sun protection devices can be remotely controlled using appropriate software. For what? For convenience. We don’t mind, maybe someday such buildings will be common, but for now we postulate that our homes, schools, hospitals and kindergartens built in the less intelligent variant become more friendly and useful for everyone. With D + H chain drives, it is possible and you do not need money to do it, just a little heart and empathy.