Should E-cigarettes be available on prescription? British experts think so

In the fight against smoking addiction, e-cigarettes should be available on prescription – experts from Public Health England (PHE), executive agency of the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom believe.

Specialists from PHE say to BBC News that e-cigarettes help smokers get rid of tobacco addiction. In a published report, they calculate that every year in the United Kingdom at least 20 thousand. smokers get rid of this addiction thanks to e-cigarettes.

The agency even argues that e-cigarettes should be available in hospitals, in which places should also be allocated to use them. Enterprises and corporations are also urged to organize smoking rooms for e-cigarette smokers:

John Newton of Public Health England emphasizes that there is enough evidence to convince people that e-cigarettes are definitely less harmful than traditional cigarettes and basically pose no risk to bystanders. In his opinion, as many smokers as possible should try to switch to e-cigarettes, because from the health point of view this is a much better solution.

One of the authors of the report of prof. Ann McNeill of King’s College London claims that many smokers are unaware that the most harmful tobacco smoke is 7,000 substances contained in it, of which up to 70 percent. is carcinogenic.

– These substances are not present in the smoke exhaled from e-cigarettes or there are very few of them, therefore we are convinced that they are definitely less harmful – emphasizes the British specialist.

In her opinion, smokers reach for tobacco mainly for the nicotine it contains, which is also found in e-cigarettes. Nicotine – adds McNeill – if it poses a threat to health, it is minor.


The authors of the Public Health England report also say that there is no convincing evidence that e-cigarettes are dangerous for young people, because they can be a transitional step to reach for traditional cigarettes over time. In Great Britain, the number of young people who are addicted to smoking is falling ‘encouragingly’.