D + H, a sip of fresh air … automatically

A window is a building element for closing an opening in a wall or a sloping roof that allows light to enter and can provide ventilation. The simplest form of natural ventilation is … ventilation. No one will deny that ventilation of the rooms in which we live and work is necessary, but this does […]

Addiction therapy in the UK – some solutions

No complexes Addiction therapy in the UK – some solutions During many stays in England, where for 4 years I have been learning so-called Feldenkrais method, I had the opportunity to learn about some addiction treatment solutions used in the southwest of this country. However, I want to point out that the article below does […]

Passive windows – prices, reviews, properties, top manufacturers, buying advice

Passive construction is gaining more and more popularity both in Poland and throughout Europe. This type of construction is a very advanced form of energy-saving construction. This type of construction owes its popularity to, among others, growing environmental awareness among both individual clients and commercial investors. Increasing heating costs and other operating expenses have an […]


Should E-cigarettes be available on prescription? British experts think so

In the fight against smoking addiction, e-cigarettes should be available on prescription – experts from Public Health England (PHE), executive agency of the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom believe. Specialists from PHE say to BBC News that e-cigarettes help smokers get rid of tobacco addiction. In a published report, they calculate that every […]


Addiction is talked and written a lot. This makes – on the one hand, the impression that the gravity of the problem has reached a wide range of society and is treated with due seriousness, and on the other – few or no attempts to counteract these phenomena by state bodies, social and educational institutions, […]

Knitted dresses – Dress for fall / winter 2015. What dress and what color to choose for cool autumn days?

Dresses are a must in every women’s wardrobe, especially a knitwear dress. However, it often happens that we forget about them when colder days come. But all you have to wear with thick tights is to put on a cardigan with a thick weave to look fashionable and not freeze at the same time. If […]

Dresses for New Year’s Eve. What dress for New Year’s Eve?

What models of dresses will be the most fashionable of this New Year’s Eve ?. What dress to choose, if we go to the ball, and what if we will play at home. The most fashionable dresses for New Year’s Eve this season should be full of light, decorated with beads and sequins in the […]