Knitted dresses – Dress for fall / winter 2015. What dress and what color to choose for cool autumn days?

Dresses are a must in every women’s wardrobe, especially a knitwear dress. However, it often happens that we forget about them when colder days come. But all you have to wear with thick tights is to put on a cardigan with a thick weave to look fashionable and not freeze at the same time. If you are looking for dresses for fall, there are several types below, from which you can choose something for yourself.

Knit or tunic dress?

Knitted dresses made of the same materials as sweaters are, in my opinion, the best solution for colder days, they are longer and thanks to that they protect the body from the cold. They are warm, comfortable, and sometimes also elegant. This type of dresses is universal suitable for every day and for work. Such dresses are usually made of synthetic fibers, most often made of polyester and acrylic, but you can also find real wool (woolen knitwear and real cashmere dresses at low prices in our LEJDI store in the knitwear department), which is more durable and warmer than knitted dresses and knitwears made of synthetic fibers.


Knitted dresses can be single-colored or decorated with various patterns. Shades of gray are especially popular. In the case of patterns, it is worth to bet on: immortal flowers, Nordic motifs, pepita or geometric prints.

Autumn and gray

Gray is definitely the trendiest color of autumn. So regardless of what type of dress or fabric you decide on, this one in gray will be the most appropriate choice. Wear it in the company of black, beige, powder pink and deep purple. A set with black, opaque tights, matching knee-length dresses and long boots (flat or on a post). Apply the classic trench coat. You’ve got your favorite autumn outfit ready.

Denim dress

Jeans never go out of fashion is simply timeless. It is during autumn that we put on it not only in the case of trousers, skirts or outerwear, but also dresses. They can be worn in many ways, but they look best in the company of black, beige, brown and red:

Midi-retro dresses

Fashion is filled with opposites that always surprise you. On the one hand, designers from all over the world promote short dresses like those from the 1960s, on the other – they offer designs that reach even half of the calf. This retro-style reconstruction is something for women who value simplicity and timelessness. It is also a great solution for women who, because of objections to the appearance of their legs, often give up wearing dresses. So dear ladies, you have an excellent opportunity to leave the comfort zone!

Elegant dresses for cold days

When it comes to cooler autumn days, we should not forget about fashionable dresses that will emphasize our figure. In this way, we can be fashionable all year long even on those colder days. As for the pencil dress, let’s look for a cut and length over the knee.
We do not omit such details as striped pattern or melange fabrics. Trends with golf are waiting for those who love trends. Mini dresses in the style of 60s also enter the fashion …
What should a fashionable dress be made of?

The autumn season encourages thicker fabrics such as velvet, knitwear, velor, suede and leather. The meaty cotton on our dresses should appear in raw form. Materials with an irregular color, referring to the eco trend, are the trend of the season. Counterweight will be dresses sewn with transparent materials. Openwork creations are a suggestion for the brave, as are the fashions with fur inserts. A knitted dress will certainly delight ladies sensitive to the cold.