How to save money during a trip to Amsterdam?

Prices in Amsterdam can surprise you negatively. This applies above all to the costs of accommodation in the center and surrounding area, prices for attractions and restaurants. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the cost of actively exploring the capital of the Netherlands.

OV-chipkaart card

If you plan to use public transport more often in Amsterdam and the entire Netherlands, you should consider buying an OV-chipkaart prepaid card. The card costs € 7.50 and is valid for 5 years. After purchasing the card, we need to top up the card at the station at the information desk or in the machine.

Thanks to the card, we can use single trips by paying for the real number of kilometers traveled. In the historic center of Amsterdam, the differences to the single ticket are large. In addition, the card allows you to purchase train tickets without an additional fee for a “single ticket” € 1 (the amount added to each ticket bought at the ticket office or vending machines).

The card is integrated with means of transport in almost the entire country. We will pay, for example, for a bus ride from the Eindhoven train station to the airport or for a tram ticket in The Hague or Rotterdam: Amsterdam online tourguide

Museum card – Museumkaart

If we came to the Netherlands with a view to visiting the most important museums and institutions, we may consider buying a special museum card – Museumkaart. In the anonymous version, the card is valid for 30 days, during which we can visit any of the outlets on offer as many times as you like.

The cost of the card is € 59.90 for an adult and € 32.45 for people under 18 years of age. For example, wanting to visit three important museums in Amsterdam:

Rijksmuseum National Museum – 17.50 €
Van Gogh Museum – 17 €
Het Scheepvaartmuseum Maritime Museum – 15 €

We have to spend up to € 49.50, which is almost as much as a museum card. If we stay in Amsterdam longer, the card will pay off. The card also has many other outlets throughout the Netherlands.


A tourist card in Amsterdam is a more expensive option than a museum card and works differently. When buying a card, we can use it within 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours. Another difference is that as part of the card we will use, among others from a canal cruise or we enter private museums not on Museumkaart’s offer. As part of the card, we can use public transport.

Before buying, we should calculate whether the card will be profitable for us.


Amsterdam is considered a safe city. In various rankings, it appears at the top of the safest cities in Europe. The historic center is considered very safe. However, this does not mean that we should not take the usual precautions.
What to watch out for when visiting Amsterdam?
Night walks around party streets and parks

If you don’t have to, avoid streets close to clusters of bars and parks late in the evening or at night, especially on weekends. Amsterdam is considered a safe city, but you never know who you can meet or which group you can hit.
Red Light District

The location of the district seems to be very unfortunate. Entering the back of the Old Church, we almost immediately find the glass panes behind which the ladies present their charms. If we are going with children, we should check the district route well.

Remember that you must not take pictures in the red light district. This applies to glass panes and customers. It happens that the cameras are taken and thrown to the ground or into the canal.

The canals in Amsterdam are in most places not separated from roads or pavements in any way. It is worth being careful, especially after dark, not to fall into one of them.
Street dealers

If we would like to try soft drugs we should go to one of the official coffee shops. Let’s not buy anything from street dealers. First, we do not know the origin of their specifics, and secondly, we support their illegal activities.

As in every tourist city, in Amsterdam, we should watch out for pickpockets. This applies especially to public transport, the station and crowded streets.