In Poland there is everything I love. Mountains, valleys, sea, lakes, rivers and even the desert. What to see? All! I know it’s not easy in a country with an area of over 300.000 km2. Why we created our blog – a positive guide to places in Poland worth a look.

The various tabs and records on our blog you will find such a lot of places. Today, literally in a nutshell I want to show You that Poland is an endless list of interesting places and unique attractions. Each of you can choose when planning a vacation, tour or weekend getaway. A decision about what you will see depends on You.

How much?
Places to visit in Poland so much that to gather all in one place and divided into meaningful categories is a real challenge. When six years ago we began to travel around Poland, it seemed to us that we will go on a few vacations, and that’s enough. And we’ll see what Poland has to offer. And then we’ll run for the border. Meanwhile, the number of attractions, detained us here for six years and still can’t get ahead.

What to choose?
Always something attracts us and beckons. Constantly have something later. To open. And new attractions are springing up like mushrooms after rain. In this maze to find something for yourself? Based on our experience, we have divided all these places and sights in ten categories. We are interested in, whether you know them all? I hope that this list useful, and that from each group to choose something interesting. Something that will interest You so that you choose at least one to spend a vacation in Poland.

1. Castles, palaces and manors
What to see in Poland – the Castle in Gniew
castle photo
In Poland there are many castles, palaces and mansions that for centuries history fell heavily into bone. The reason was the Swedes, the Germans again, Poland again, and sometimes the Poles themselves. As a result, many of these objects, today continued the devastation. But thanks money of the Polish state, local authorities and European, and often by the initiative and funds of private are today like a Phoenix from the ashes. Not all was saved, but those who today, you can visit and admire, seduce offer.

2. Natural attractions
What to see in Poland – the Szklarki Waterfall
nature photo
Nature in Poland is beautiful. And they know what they say! For us nature is in Poland, not only beautiful, but diverse and for the most part – clean. Perfectly resting in the forests of Poland, over kaszubskimi lakes, in high mountains or on the Polish coast of the Baltic sea, which, though cold, perfectly calm frazzled nerves. We have beautiful waterfalls that don’t even meet in the movies, a lot of rivers which can be run in canoes, and caves in which so much I was afraid to come down.

3. Underground tourist routes

What to see in Poland – Underground funicular in GUIDO
jaskinia photo
The cave is not the only dungeon that are worth paying attention to, and which you can visit in Poland. I remember my surprise when the Belly showed me the guide in the basement in Poland. I was shocked that we have so many!!! Caves, mines, tunnels, military installations, canals, basements. Miles of sidewalks and buildings, dug in the ground. A few hours of Hiking. At first I thought it was not for me. I was so afraid. I loved these dark climates. It turned out that it is very fun. For adults and for children. I like the descent into the earth, the moisture and temperature around. 10 degrees, no matter how much on the street. And the more they go underground, the less was my fear. With every visit it became sooo much tiny that, in the end, entirely gone. Now I can’t imagine holiday that no this point.

4. Entertainment

What to see in Poland – an Interactive Museum CN Copernicus
wesołe miasteczko photo
It is known that on vacation we often are looking for entertainment. In the end, how long can you go on excursions and sidewalks minerskich. We love all kinds of entertainment that you can visit alone, in pairs or with their families. There are all sorts of miniature parks, city Park, shopping centers, science experiments, gardens, Zoological or Botanical gardens, water parks or parks in General. We see more and more such initiatives, often private, which open their doors to tourists. Compete all the better. Nice is there to forget, to go crazy, have fun and return home with a head full of impressions.

5. Interesting active/sports

What to see in Poland – oven, sink, fridge with mount
sport photo
We do not belong to the athletes. Our main activity is the movement itself. But sometimes we like to sit on the bike, roller skates, kayaks, Windsurfing, or even paralotnię. Poland offers a lot of places where you can spend time actively. Some of them we tried ourselves, for example, paths for Nordic walking, flying paralotnią over Kaszubami or water skiing, podpatrzyliśmy some others, such as kite surfing. We have excellent natural conditions and weather. Many reservoirs, rivers, strong winds, perfect mountains and hills, as well as developing in the cities infrastructure for skaters, skateboarders or cyclists of high performance. Issued the following guidelines, Cycling, kayaking, skiing, horse riding. Not to mention the fact that lately all Poland works. Is there some sort of sport, which in Poland we can’t do?

6. Museums and skansens

What to see in Poland – the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk
Museums photo
Terribly amused us is called “Dare to enter the Museum.” Then we realized with Macek are, what we brave that each and every vacation to places we look. This is the subconscious does a lot of damage. Suggests, that it so badly that you need to have a lot of courage to enter the Museum. This is probably the worst campaign imaginable. In our opinion, a visit to the Museum-it’s fun. Can such a visit, a lot to learn, broaden their horizons and have fun. Moreover, recently, we received a whole handful of good decisions West. Today, museums are at a high level of substantive, logistical and multimedia. Less and less, the Museum associated with the exhibition of paintings.

A great alternative to modern educational media, unless the weather is good, functioning in many places in Poland islets. It is a Museum under the open sky. Some of them reproduce a whole village to reproduce life in the countryside, organized folk festivals, fairs, concerts.

7. Places of religious worship

What to see in Poland – Cathedral Monks
religious photo
Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about the Church though is the fact that in Poland we have a lot. Some of them are stunning, and despite faith, religion or belief, have to go, at least for aesthetic reasons. This is one of the most well-kept buildings and located in almost any – even in the smallest village – even though there was nothing else. Also pay attention to the beautiful churches and mosques that we have in Poland. As for the synagogue, then, unfortunately, most of these were destroyed. Climatic kalwarie. Should visit these places not only because they are beautiful, but they tell us a lot about our history and about who we are. Most of them is a treasure trove of knowledge about our ancestors, and some of them are open for tourists and very sociable on the Internet.

8. Climatic conditions in the area

What to see in Poland – tour of the city
Climatic photo
We found some time ago a great initiative – urban routes. It turns out that the city guided walks are held in many cities throughout Poland. Themselves several times we participated in these walks. Then I heard about Maciek to such an extent that he recorded all such initiatives from all over Poland in one place

Guided walks-that’s not all. The routes of the city you can explore on your own or with your family, in the hand holding the map, audio guides or leaflets zabraną of the tours. We not only practiced such trips, but they create such guidelines, and to other zwiedzało better, more efficient, more convenient.

9. Militaria

What to see in Poland – Fortress Vislosti
Militaria photo
Again – if you think this is only for guys, it’s not the way it works. On the contrary, almost never seen militaria pupils group of guys – well, maybe with the exception of the tour of the altar in the dungeon MRU (Międzyrzeckiego District Umocnionego). It’s usually couples or families with children or school trips. Militaria is, contrary to popular belief, a topic that may be of interest to everyone, unless there’s good management. We have trafialiśmy on such people. To such a degree that even I fell in love with all sorts of FORTS, bomb shelters or bunkers in the MRU, Wolf Szańcu, in Silver Mountain in Wisłoujściu whether on the Westerplatte. For You it will also be an interesting topic, if you give him a chance.

10. Thematic routes

What to see in Poland is the Trail of technological Monuments
szlaki photo
In the end I left the dance hit in recent years. All, as the force now coming up with thematic routes. And it’s super!!! You can dress in ulęgałkach: travel, sports, cookbooks, history, monuments, culture, wood, religious, urban, water. Just tapping into the first travel information in any city and ask for a map or guide in the way of plot. As we have already seen! The route rolled-up Ways, the route of the Great Loop Wielkopolski, Szlak Kulinarny Silesian Tastes, the Trail of the Attractions of the Silesian Voivodeship, the Path of the Wooden Architecture Trail Attractions Hydrotechniki, the route of the Gothic Castles, the trail of eagles Nests, a Cycling Route Greenvelo. And this is the only replacement. Recommend mixing these routes to follow in some area he saw a variety of things. Not only is hydroelectric or Church. But for fans of any question, for example, of modernism, it is an ideal tool for the study of the chosen city, region (Gdansk, Katowice, Poznan).