Does the corset diet work? Is it worth training the deck?

Who buys slimming corsets today?

On this page we will try to honestly answer these questions and indicate as much independent information as possible, which is not our advertisement. After Kim Kardashian published Instagram photos of her waist training in a corset – the world literally went crazy about a CORSET DIET! The corset diet works! Americans, following Hollywood stars, went crazy about her first.

What does wearing a corset give us? What is the difference between a classic laced slimming corset and commonly available cheaper ones? “corsets” without lacing fastened with small hooks. I will explain these and many other issues below:

Well, regular wearing a slimming corset in conjunction with healthy eating and simple exercises for the waist will allow you to clearly slim the waist, there is a visible reduction of the abdominal fold. A woman after pregnancy supports a significant corset in faster recovery, organs return to the place faster and most importantly helps with the problem of muscle cleavage. Such a real laced corset, properly tailored, completely changes the appearance of our figure, emphasizes feminine shapes, reduces imperfections, reduces waist circumference, flattens the belly, lifts the breasts, effectively straightens the figure (to achieve all this, all you need to do is buy a corset under your bust – you don’t have to wear full corsets). In the corset, not only the silhouette changes, our gait changes, the back is straight, we wear the chin higher, we sit down lightly, we gain much more femininity. And here the silent psychological effect of the corset sneaks in. Such a better self-image immediately motivates us to work intensively on ourselves. In a corset you will automatically learn to eat small frequent meals, and when you add a little simple exercises for a narrow waist – you can not see the effect after 6-8 weeks. All these factors comprehensively make up the Corset Diet, which is also often called Waist Traning.

1 – already at the time of putting on the corset we get the effect of changing the silhouette immediately, there is also a clear posture correction and a visible reduction in size (the small bust stays raised, pushed out and seems much larger, the torso below the bust is very slim, the sides gathered, smoothed, the abdomen flattened – suddenly shirts, dresses become loose below the bust, no more ugly buttons, folds on the sides and the tire on the stomach – which is particularly embarrassing when sitting, the back is clearly straightened, the head is raised higher. However, it will be best if you find out about it by trying on the corset – Choose and order your size – You do not take the risk – in our store there is a guarantee of satisfaction or money back.

2 – the corset thanks to regular wearing effectively supports the work of permanently changing the female figure, forcing you to change your eating habits – from the first day you will eat more often – but only small amounts. The corset will remind you about the process of working on the figure you have started. Maybe this is your way to finally achieve the desired effects? Order, test.


As you probably know in Warsaw in our Showroom, customers arrange a try with us and can immediately make a purchase. You can also contact us at tel 600726424. Ladies who measure their corset for the first time are usually very surprised that the lacing process and the feeling of pressure are very pleasant. They always confess that when they come to us they never expect it. Their attitude changes dramatically during measurement. Unfortunately, through the prism of history, most women associate G o r s e t only with the form of sacrifice and lack of comfort. I am aware that writing only about the fact that how such a modern professional corset works and I probably won’t convince many of you, I really encourage you to try on the corset personally – do it at least once in your life. If you decide that you are not looking for such support, you will not feel comfortable – you will send the corset back, we will give you coins and “after a shout”. We want you to experience this experience yourself and find out that such a contemporary corset is really adapted to everyday, regular wearing – and has nothing to do with the corset we know from movies and great-grandmother stories.

You often wonder, you ask: What is the difference between Classic Lace Corsets that we offer in our Store from popular so-called “latex / neopron” corsets usually fastened with small hooks?

Well, let’s start with the fact that the latter should not be called “corsets” – the word Shaper is used in the world. Shapers perform a completely different function, they are often used in training in the gym, they do not squeeze the body as much as a classic laced corset, do not force a strongly upright figure. A real lace-up slimming corset guarantees a straightened spine, strongly flattens and tames the abdomen with regulated intensity – reduces the waist from a few to several centimeters. We adjust the corset depending on our mood, sophistication and needs. Shapers do not allow such a wide regulation of abdominal pressure or waist circumference, they can move and roll. The classic slimming corset can be tightened e.g. in the lower parts of the abdomen, and looser on the ribs or vice versa. Depending on the construction of your figure and what you want to achieve while wearing a corset. Some ladies with a boyish figure only care about narrowing the waist circumference, others have the need to tighten the ribs again, and others flatten the stomach and smooth the sides. There are also ladies who want to wear a corset only when they want to emphasize the advantages of a female figure and at the same time effectively mask imperfections under clothing. The neopron shaper is supposed to work as a sauna. Under the shaper, the body temperature rises, the skin is sweating more. Shaper has no specific pressure regulation. Many shapers have only acrylic underwires sewn in, which bend sometimes creating ugly bulges of so-called “bumps” on the ribs.

Waist training in a classic corset – gives spectacular results when we are systematic – let’s face it – we’re all just people, we have better and worse days. Our well-being may vary especially when e.g. the hormonal cycle in many women causes swelling for several days or water retention in the body – if you are not fit or have worse shape then in the corset you regulate the pressure in selected parts. You loosen the pressure without giving up training completely. You keep very important regularity. You listen to your body! Shaper does not give such wide possibilities. The size of the real corset is selected so that the waist circumference at the maximum tightening is a minimum of 10 cm smaller than your natural waist circumference, there is no lacing in the Shaper, you don’t have such possibilities (photo example below) The corset definitely embraces and compresses the body with greater efficiency and strength that’s why we tie it every time. This action allows us to receive a strong reduction and body shaping immediately after putting on the corset – our appearance changes optically. The rope does not only play an aesthetic role – lacing plays a huge role in training. Shaper usually offer only the front clasp in the form of small hooks arranged in 2-3 rows – which means that the pressure can only be adjusted to about 3 cm – at the same time along the entire length of the corset, you can not squeeze the belly more tightly and loosely the ribs. In addition, acrylic underwires are sewn in in shapers, which are thin, often too soft, bend and deform. Steel spiral underwires in real corsets strongly stiffen the body – they force the straight back, always adhere perfectly to the body in any position, there is no possibility that the corset stick out of the body somewhere, wrinkle or curl. A well-chosen corset size means that the corset has no right to move over the body after lacing. It remains unchanged in the same place at all times. Shapers like to wrinkle and bend – this plasticity often just allows you to do exercises in the Shaper – however, in everyday wear due to this plasticity uncomfortable situations can occur – the corset will rotate and slide on the stomach, acrylic underwires bulge, cheap shapers can roll and wrinkle strongly, especially in a sitting position. For this reason, it is really not worth buying random shapers, e.g. those from Allegr, for PLN 40-50. These are coins thrown into the proverbial mud.

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Finally, the summary: Shapers are usually sewn from latex or neopron fabric – which is to act as a sauna for the skin of the abdomen. Both of these fabrics are supposed to cause sweating of the skin. Classic slimming corsets are sewn from natural, breathable fabrics, 100% natural cotton pleasant to the body is always sewn in from the inside. This is important because the effect of changing your natural silhouette will be the faster the longer we wear the corset during the day – natural fabrics absorb skin vapors and epidermis rubbing under the corset, corsets can be combined with everyday clothing without fear. Corsets are very feminine and aesthetic meet with great sympathy and enthusiasm of the environment. People who are clearly overweight should not buy soft, lightweight corsets available in youth Gothic stores. These corsets often really turn out to be too soft, light and plastic, they can’t cope with excess body. People who are overweight need definitely stronger, more advanced constructions.

The mini photos below show some examples of the so-called Shapers (also mistakenly called “corsets”). The corset must be laced, breathable and its construction should always be based on steel underwires.